Words before Ecex.Exchange ICO , welcome to buy Ziggurat Tokens 20.11.2017-19.04.2018

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinciziggurat-gold-coin

Ecex.Exchange looking for ultimate simplicity. There is no easier way than selling your complex tasks to those who can deal with them. The day ends calmly if there are no problems or worries.

In addition, our Ecex.Exchange allows us to issue loans against ourselves. What creates competition among lenders who can provide the best conditions. Our customers are on a pre-position on both sides of the transaction. What can be better for our customers?

Ziggurat Token (ZIG)

We sell tokens to finance our activities as outlined in White Papers and Roadmap. We sell them at a price of 0.0004166667 ETH. When our Ecex.Exchange works, we offer a payment service option at a price of 1 ZIG equals 1 Euro. We put the issue tokens on the stock exchanges and give market participants the opportunity to buy and sell tokens.

Token acquisition details: ICO.Ecex.exchange

Our Company www.PlanetZiggurat.com

Tõnis Hilep

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