Ecex.Exchange ICO Welcome to buy Ziggurat Tokens 20.11.2017-19.04.2018

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo da Vinciziggurat-gold-coin

Ecex.Exchange looking for ultimate simplicity. There is no easier way than selling your complex tasks to those who can deal with them. The day ends calmly if there are no problems or worries.

In addition, our Ecex.Exchange allows us to issue loans against ourselves. What creates competition among lenders who can provide the best conditions. Our customers are on a pre-position on both sides of the transaction. What can be better for our customers?

Ziggurat Token (ZIG)

We sell tokens to finance our activities as outlined in White Papers and Roadmap. We sell them at a price of 0.0004166667 ETH. When our Ecex.Exchange works, we offer a payment service option at a price of 1 ZIG equals 1 Euro. We put the issue tokens on the stock exchanges and give market participants the opportunity to buy and sell tokens

Token acquisition details:

Our Company 

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) mostly represent the world which deals blockchain related ecosystem and gives participants opportunities share your right units and to find an investment.

The word „right unit” not casual. There is a lot of reasons I use that kind of sentence construction.

The token, based on ERC20 Ethereum contract can be so widely used by legal point of view, that we cant tell token is bond or gift card or share … But every token is linked to a different contract.

And if there is a need to evaluate the token, it is necessary to learn the contract and act accordingly and decide where the old school instrument falls on the contract.

And need to evaluate the token will arise for us all the time.

Let’s look Ziggurat token

1.Free Market tokens

Our Trading Platform ecosystems allow use tokens in every deal if parties agreed to use tokens in the mutual settlement. And there is the question not only Ziggurat tokens but every token, coins or another instrument that represent the value that parties suit and agreed. On Trading Platform, of course, all fees can pay with Ziggurat tokens and we prefer that deals are performed in Ziggurat token as well.

The world is the big place and all possible assignments including claims, factoring agreements, receivables, bills, loan agreements and other digital assets are issued in different currencies and it is essential that our Trading Platform allows all these transactions made by our users. Ecex.Exchange does not and can not involve to assignment agreement that is the base of our Trading Platform and it mean that all willing parties who want deal with free market tokens are welcome.

2.Debtors possibility to sell claim against her/himself.

The essence of Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is the negotiation of the divestiture agreements, which means that the assignor enters our Trading Platform in his assignment. Assignor is the role meant that this role can be filled in every person and the even debtor can introduce her/his dept.

A Trading Platform can also introduce divestitures of the claim into the debtor, which means that the debtor can place the sales claims against her/him.This option turns the whole loan-giving logic around.In real life, this means that borrowers place their divestitures of claims against her/himself on the Trading Platform and wait for lender offers. They can put the price that they hope and the lenders have to fight to get the deal. Visual picture is like the stock market, but the instruments are different.

And bid/ask are filled in that case ask side from debtor and bid side from the lender. As we see the platform allows different combinations of users and gives provides solutions to various economic agents.

3.Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform as a debtor tool

Assignment of rights under a contract is the complete transfer of the rights to receive the benefits accruing to one of the parties to that contract. For example, if Party A contracts with Party B to sell Party A’s car to Party B for €100, Party A can later assign the benefits of the contract – i.e., the right to be paid $10 – to Party C. In this scenario, Party A is the obligee/assignor, Party B is an obligor, and Party C is the assignee. Such an assignment may be donative (essentially given as a gift), or it may be contractually exchanged for consideration. It is important to note, however, that Party C is not a third party beneficiary third-party beneficiary because the contract itself was not made for the purpose of benefitting Party C. When an assignment is made, the assignment always takes place after the original contract was formed. An Assignment only transfers the rights/benefits to a new owner. The obligations remain with the previous or previous owner.

Let’s take the step further. Assume that Party C put the obligation on the Party B to Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform and he/she want this obligation sell and price is €50. He/She log in and put the asking price to €50 and sent the notification to other parties and the market that he or she has assignments for sale. Let assume that Party B receives the info and he/or she make the counteroffer and put the price on Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform, let’s say €40. Maybe they agree on €45.

As we see there is the great possibility to ease the situation of the debtor while allowing the parties to solve more delicate financing problems more flexibly.

The main idea here is that the debtor can always log on to the Ecex.Exchange Tradin Platform and bid on the specific claim against which he is a debtor. The creditor and the debtor are both Ecex.Exchange Tradin Platform significant customers in addition to investors who are interested in mediation.

4.Investor view to Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform and Ziggurat Token

The investor is the very broad term and the investors who invest cryptocurrencies is a new one. We can only assume what indicators they taking account before they do their decisions and what are the main economic data that is relevant. But as an entrepreneur and investor ourselves, we have to do our jobs with the best knowledge about ecosystems and we have to give our best skills to achieve results.

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform idea is raised from the deep knowledge about personal loan market and the use of assigning loans to other entity. There is in the market startups who try to divide loans into pieces and sell them as small investments on marketplaces. It is the solution but there is very little business for investors. Our solutions bring bid and ask possibilities and the familiar trading environment for all investors because it is hard to think that investor has never seen the stock market trader. And it is the first big benefit, the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform trading environment is familiar to investors.

Then, of course, the assignment. We published several articles about the cessio, assignment, assignor, assignee, debtor, transfer of right .. and so on. Our goal is to explain to future Ziggurat token buyers what our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is all about. Ecex.Exchange is, in short, the transfer of rights from one owner to another and the transfer of this transaction to independent economic agents.Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform earns a commission on transactions. Ecex.Exchange price lists are available in different fiat currencies, depending on the market country.

The Ziggurat Token price on our platform is 1 euro equivalent to 1 token.

5.Why should you buy

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is not a startup and is not a product where we use some next-generation complicated and sophisticated technology. On the contrary trading systems what we use are has justified itself in different countries and stock exchanges. We are building trading platform parts of which are well-known to all and work daily on different stock exchanges in the world.

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform will not grow as fast as rockets like social networks. Our customer is individual or company who is deliberately is working with assignments(which means loans, receivables, bills, agreements,factorings, agreement of rights, etc.). Our Trading Platform is more meant for professionals than private persons. It is the tool helping easier to resolve hard questions how to manage unwanted economic relations.

Ziggurat Token is a tool as well. There are economic reasons why project owner PlanetZiggurat OÜ decided to look financials from ICO market.

Ziggurat Tokens are compatible with our trading system. Ziggurat Tokens circulating altcoin exchanges and our trading platform, and keep our service priced competitive. Tokens will advertise on our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform and bring new customers. And our Platform allows all owners of the tokens, including those who do not have Ziggurat Token traded on our platform and earn a profit.

That’s why it’s worth buying Ziggurat Tokens.


Ziggurat tokens shall provide for the user, today’s case the banks, opportunities to sell and buy assignments (NPLs) for certain prices. There is the example:

All service fees are for Ziggurat Token holders payable with Ziggurat Tokens.

Let assume that assignment cost is 20 EUR. Ziggurat Tokens holder will pay 20 Ziggurats.

Let assume that guest service fee is 50 EUR.Ziggurat Tokens holder will pay 50 Ziggurats.

For paying for Exec.Exchange Trading Platform services Ziggurat Tokens can be used on exchange rate 1 ZIG = 1 USD (this rate only Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform if paying for services.).

We project our assignments amount several million, in the end, third year. It gives great opportunity trade tokens in free marketplaces or uses them on Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.The Ziggurat Tokens will be an integral part of the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform as a means to support and pay for the services on the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.

      1. 7.General conditions

The Ecex.Exchange Platform is an online blockchain technology-based assignments (claim, receivables, factoring agreements, divestiture of claims etc.) exchange platform, which shall provide to the User: (i) opportunities to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and mediate insurance contracts, (ii) various support services related to the selling and buying through the exchange, and give users exercise right realize their own requirements regarding claims, (iii) opportunities to ensure the safety of assignments and using Ziggurat cryptocurrency for internal payments.

The PlanetZiggurat shall grant to the User an opportunity to use the Ziggurat digital tokens

(i)to opportunities to pay partly for service to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and mediate insurance contracts,

(ii) to pay partly various support services related to the selling and buying through the exchange, and give users exercise right realize their own requirements regarding claims,

(iii) Ziggurat cryptocurrency grants the right to profit from up to 20% of Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform outcome, (distribution will be in cryptocurrency, in ethereum until otherwise decided),

(iv) using Ziggurat cryptocurrency for internal payments through the Ecex.Exchange Platform,

(v)Allow traders to settle Ziggurat tokens,

(vi)PlanetZiggurat will not emit additional tokens over initial amount 531 000 000,00 ZIG,

(vii) If some services in Ecex.Exhange or another platform will burn Ziggurat tokens then it is allowed to emit additional tokes to restore maximum emission amount,

(viii) Founders and Foundation will not sell Ziggurat tokens on public markets until the end of 2018.

Only the owner of the Ziggurat digital tokens may purchase with discounts the services of the Ecex.Exchange Platform.

8.Ecex.Exchange and PlanetZiggurat OÜ jurisdiction

The Estonian legal environment favors entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset. Foreign investors have equal rights and obligations with local entrepreneurs. All foreign investors may establish a company and conduct business in Estonia in the same way as local investors; no restrictions apply.

Estonia has concluded treaties for the protection of investments with 31 countries, including the USA, Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. Also, agreements for avoiding double taxation have been made with 53 countries, including the EU.

The legal system in Estonia is based on the Continental European civil law model and has been influenced by the German legal system. Unlike in common law countries, Estonia has detailed codifications and issues are solved according to those. Estonian law is basically divided into private and public law. Generally, private law consists of civil law and commercial law. The public law consists of international law, constitutional law, administrative law, criminal law, financial law and procedural law.

Estonia has a three-level court system. County, city courts, and administrative courts adjudicate matters in the first instance. The majority of courts of the first instance are situated in county centers. The courts of the second instance hear the appeals against decisions of courts of the first instance. Courts of appeal are courts of the second instance (sometimes also called circuit courts). The courts of appeal are situated in Jõhvi, Tartu and Tallinn. The Supreme Court, situated in Tartu, is the court of the highest instance.

A statement of claim is filed with the court of the first instance, an appeal to the court of the second instance and an appeal in cassation with the court of the third or the highest instance. A matter shall be heard in the Supreme Court only after all previous court instances have been passed. The filing of an appeal is governed by respective codes of court procedure.More

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