Ecex.Exchange will buy distressed loans and other distressed contractual rights for Ziggurat tokens at a price 1 ZIG = 1 EUR.

How would I find out whether a distressed debt is cheap or expensive? We let the decision making by our clients and by the exchange. Bid and ask prices will show the real price parties willing to pay.
But for start business, we will buy distressed loans and contractual rights to our book and we will place them on our assignment listing.
Ziggurat tokens and all others free tokens prices are very volatile.The price formation is long run business and for that reason, we made a corporate decision that we allocate a substantial amount of Ziggurats to paying for distressed debt portfolio own by PlanetZiggurat OÜ and operate on Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform. We form the portfolio from emitted Ziggurats and we are willing to raise the amount of debt up to 100m ZIG.
What that means. We just starting to buy all kind of assignments, the price will be a consensual and main character of this deal is the ziggurat price which we considered 1 euro = 1 zig. The forms to submit your offers to sell debts will be on systems soon.
Our Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform will develop step by step. Assignment first listings will be the same form as the transfers, transactions, and bounty. There will be bids and as sections of course. There will be some time before we develop our trading system to next level but assignments collection no need sophisticated systems straight away.

Who can participate:
Better then you already are : Ziggurat owner, Ecex.Exchange member,

1. A private individual claiming against another person who has documents in this regard and can upload it to the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform system.
2. Companies that have a claim against a private individual or legal entity that holds documents and can upload this claim to the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform system.
3. Economic agents who have any claim against another person and who can prove it with documents and can digitally upload these documents to the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform system.

The list is not complete and all persons who are interested in entering into a transaction with a potential legal requirement can contact us.


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