Ecex.Exchange is open for listings and airdrops.


  Ecex.Exchange is open to anyone interested in the early stages of listing or airdrop.

There is always imaginations and visions which move our practice. Our original whitepaper is written form the assignment point of view, but on the way, we decided to make an adventure to ethereum blockchain smart contract ecosystem.

Reason derives from our thoughts that cryptocurrency can be a big help to our customers and the assignment owners can use blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange to their needs. It is not a big secret, that cryptocurrencies have not a real outlet. Where are no enough places except exchanges where you can use crypto? So we try to solve problems for crypto as well.We are open to anyone interested in the early stages of listing or airdrop.

Our main incentive remains assignment exchange. Assignments possible turnover probably exceed crypto several times. And our emphasis remains on assignments.

But. But cryptocurrencies flourish at the moment and we develop our crypto section first.

Today we have already open several testing pairs (50) and ZIG/ETH pair have made first 1M ZIG turnover. There are some 25 different tokens waiting for listing and airdrop on our Ecex.Exchange. Tokens used our ecosystem to make airdrop to our 40000 users/customers. We received a positive response from our social channels as Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. We are going to develop Ecex.Exchange to simple, transparent and secure exchange. Multinational as well. But everything takes time.

Our Ziggurat token is listed on FrokDelta, EtherDelta and Token.Store. We submitted applications on several exchanges and waiting responds. We remind our customers that every development and business that PlanetZiggurat OÜ plans are long-term and reasonable. Developers are not looking for quick profits and do not make any strides in their tokens in the short term. So, be patience.

During next two months, we improve the Ecex.Exchange and start looking for bigger listing partners and we will try to find airdrop partners as well. (for some reason all love airdrops)

Cryptoworld looking for solutions to use cryptocurrencies. There will be no easy and fast solutions and the market will be under the development next 20 or 200 years. But the market wants different opportunities. We need to develop and give the market what they want.


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