Ecex Exchange and Token Listing Bounty


Ecex Exchange is introducing new bounty (or referral if you prefer) — bring the new token to Ecex Exchange and get 50% off trading fees for 30 days starting from listing day. By new we mean tokens what are new to Ecex Exchange — not listed yet. Exec Exchange trading fees are 0.15% for ZIG pairs, 0,19% for ETH and upcoming XLM (Stellar). This means the better trading potential token has the better potential bounty fees are available and vice versa low trading value + volume tokens will not bring much in.

As default bounty bringer must be confirmed by the token team. In case of multiple applications are made only the first confirmation from the token team is considered.

If you are sure that you can be market maker (having enough token trading liquidity) then contact us forehand and exceptions can be made.

The program is activated from 1st of August 2018 and continues until 31st of December 2018. Ecex Exchange reserves right to extend this period and make changes to program rules with 1-week notification.

For more info contact Mr. Tõnis Hilep

Ecex Exchange

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