Ecex.Exchange will open obligation listings.

We are glad to inform you Ecex.Exchange is now open almost 3 years. The assignments and receivables market has moved very fast and Ecex.Exchange is ready for the next development. 

The next steps will open Ecex.Exchange more for wide range customers, providing market participants with a greater opportunity to earn. We will allow list all obligations and help debtors submit a tender for obligation and offer a price for the obligation that hopefully satisfies both parties.

The hardest decision needs to be made by the debtor. There are always personal fears that prohibit and restrict us from disclosing our economic situation. But if we weigh possible outcome we probably agree with ourselves. And there is no shame on the creditor, as there is a high probability that both parties will make a good deal.

There are always imaginations and visions which move our practice. Our original business idea was always to allow customers trade assignments, assets which are usually bank property or business as account receivables on the balance sheet. Account receivables usually nobody considers the trading target. But assignments and account receivables are legal constructions that are well defined and can be the subject of transactions.

But all these assets are at the same time somebody’s obligations. And this somebody can list the obligation in the form of advertisement, with a desire to repurchase the claim against itself, make an offer for a possible agreement.

We will open obligation listings and will allow customers to contact their creditors for agreements possible loan reliefs. 

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