Assignment.Exchange, tool for lenders and debt collection agencies.

Analyzing the behavior of Assignment.Exchange users, we have noticed that a large number of our customers use the assignment exchange system as a means of collecting claims. Collection companies are one of the largest clients whose claims are sold individually or in portfolios to potential investors. At the same time, there is a tendency for receivables put up for sale to be personally intended only for the debtor and to invite the debtor to negotiations or to announce that the receivable is for sale on the assignment exchange.

By offering such a personal trading opportunity to the debtor, both parties also remain hidden from the public. The creditor sends a notice to the debtor by e-mail listing the claim, and the debtor can make his offer or enter into negotiations with the creditor over-the-counter. The creditor may terminate the listing and may also be directed to the public trading site.

Lenders and debt collection agencies with a larger amount of claims can use the assignment exchange system to communicate with the debtor and send the claim. For larger volumes, we agree to assist the listing process and transfer the claim information electronically to the assignment exchange system.

We also make special solutions for larger customers.

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