Synthetic messenger RNA, blockchain, drugtoken and drugdepository.

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In the anxious times, as the world struggled with the virus and people fight with they lives scientist working hard to find better solutions for everyone. Solutions for drugs, vaccines, method of treatment. And there is no quiet place, other people think how to make better use of their knowledge of different disciplines for the benefit of society.

 We do not need to read Harari books to feel how the world will be evolute. This knowledge is inside us and most of us try to bring brilliant solutions to daylight. 

Synthetic messenger mRNA is one of these brilliant solutions. Robert E. Rhoads has written a very specific book on the subject: „Synthetic mRNA: Production, Introduction Into Cells, and Physiological Consequences (Methods in Molecular Biology (1428))”

I don’t trust myself to rewrite anything, but I try to pull out just one idea. The input to the future vaccine, the production of the drug is only information. And that’s a fragment of the phenomenon I’m going to speculate on. I call the fragment the drugtoken.

 Probably in the future, medicines will be produced by miniature robot factories, and already in medical institutions. Robotic factories produce medicines according to the information they need for a particular patient. However, it is conceivable that some drugs will be produced in larger quantities for humans and that the drugtokens of these drugs will become commodities in their own right. Time changes. Avicenna wrote 450 books and in a way, it was drugtoken. Now is the time when drug information is no longer just a doctrine, but the information is quite directly a medicine.

 Here is a point of view for the world of blockchain.

At the moment, blockchain information cannot be downloaded, but if there were a depository between the trading environment and the blockchain, it would be possible to store and save drugtokens in the drugdepository.

However, an extensive network of trading environments and blockchain access from anywhere would allow pharmaceutical companies or medical institutions to acquire legal ownership of medicines through the free trading of drugtokens. 

Given the rapid technological developments, pharmaceutical robots should be on the market in the coming years. The trade-in medicines is becoming virtual, with the advent of information technology in the pharmaceutical industry reducing treatment times, reducing treatment costs, and the healthcare system only benefiting.

The elements are partially in place. Today is the time for investors and engineers in this sector.

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