Our main goal is to connect investors with attractive companies looking for capital.

Within our group, there is an investment platform whose main idea is to match companies seeking development capital with investors ready for their financial support. Our operating model assumes that investors will be able to familiarize themselves with the offers of startups in the early development phase, debt projects and entities at the IPO stage.

The companies featured on our platform are subject to a detailed vetting process. This includes conducting legal and financial due diligence, verification of the business plan, valuation and analysis of investment potential on a venture capital basis. Entities seeking debt financing are also verified in terms of their repayment capacity and collateral.

We support companies cooperating with us from the moment of starting preparations to raise capital, through the financing process, as well as after the end of the investment campaign, striving to enable investors to exit, for example by introducing the company to the NewConnect alternative trading system.

We offer investors a chance to invest their capital in promising companies with a foreseeable exit prospect, including debuts on the NewConnect market.

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