ETA Exchange traded Assignments

Ecex.Exchange preparing open assignment trading. ETA (exchange traded assignments) Ecex.Exchange väike logowill be listed by assignments owners and investors or future creditors are able to by ETAs from the exchange. It is unusual to deal, the basic contract is new, assignments agreement. KYC for companies are open as well, many of services are on the test mode. We hope to improve in the next few months.


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Ecex.Exchange, who are the actors behind the assignments trading from the token trading point of view.

Ecex.Exchange väike logo

The assignments exchange need for work not only perfect code and reflection on the global markets but every level player, who are willing to make unusual deals with the different class of assets. These persons are the souls of the business and they have the crucial role in the start of the business. We all know the saying that who is the first client. Ourselves of course. But who is the second? If the second client coming there are only two problems left, raise the number of clients and keep tabs on the quality of your product.

At the moment Ecex.Exchange token trading entity works well, we have over 100 listing, 20 on the waiting list, we have approximately 3500 trades per day and the record day by eth turnover is 100 eth.

Tokens trading actors are investors and behind the curtain the token emitters, developers. There are some definitions before we can go further:

What is a ‘Creditor’ and How Creditors Make Money

A creditor is an entity (person or institution) that extends credit by giving another entity permission to borrow money intended to be repaid in the future. A business who provides supplies or services to a company or an individual and does not demand payment immediately is also considered a creditor, based on the fact that the client owes the business money for services already rendered.

Creditors can be classified as either personal or real. People who loan money to friends or family are personal creditors. Real creditors such as banks or finance companies have legal contracts with the borrower, sometimes granting the lender the right to claim any of the debtor’s real assets (e.g. real estate or cars) if he fails to pay back the loan.

Simply, creditors make money by charging interest on the loans they offer their clients. For example, if a creditor lends a borrower $5,000 with a 5% interest rate, the lender makes money due to the interest on the loan. In turn, the creditor accepts a degree of risk that the borrower may not repay the loan. To mitigate risk, most creditors index their interest rates or fees to the borrower’s creditworthiness and past credit history. Thus, being a responsible borrower could save you a substantial sum, particularly if you are taking out a large loan, like a mortgage. Interest rates for mortgages vary based on a myriad of factors, including the size of the down payment and the lender itself; however, one’s creditworthiness has a primary impact on one’s interest rate.


Long story short creditor is the owner of rights and these rights are on a form of written contract. This written contract is the object of the next contract – assignment.  

Contract assignment.

A contract assignment means that a party to the contract assigns the entire contract to another party. This means that the party gives the obligations and benefits of an existing contract to another party. This situation occurs when a party to a contract wants another party to completely step in and fulfill the contract.

The ability to assign a contract to another party is a fairly common practice in contracts law. This type of assignment is common in a wide variety of different contract situations.

Assignment of Rights

There is also a second type of assignment. Sometimes, an assignor will only make an assignment of rights. This means that the original party remains obligated to fulfill the contract, but another party receives the contractual benefits.

Assignor and Assignee

An assignor can be an individual, a group, or a business.

The assignor is the party that transfers its contractual rights to another party. In a contract assignment, this means that the party transfers both the contractual obligations and the contractual benefits. In an assignment of rights, this means that the party transfers just the benefit of the contract.

The assignee is the party that receives the rights and obligations under the contract but wasn’t an original party to the contract. Usually, an assignee receives the contract rights and obligations directly from an original party to the contract.

Obligor and Obligee

An obligor is a party that is obligated to do something under the terms of a contract.

You will sometimes hear the term ‘obligor’ used to describe a ‘borrower’ or a ‘debtor.’ This is common because many contracts are debt contracts, but it’s important to note that obligors can be required to do something other than repaying debt. Obligors can be obligated to perform a particular task or even to refrain from a particular activity.

Whenever we have an assignment and an obligor, we’ll have an obligee.

Real Life

On the Ecex.Exchange assignment market the user have to detect what role he or she can play. There are different possibilities to make money and different products which can be useful in several life situations. If you have some claims against your neighbors you can sell the claims, if you have an open agreement about selling your work or product you have easy possibilities to refinance your investment to this project. If you need a loan, you can sell a loan agreement against yourself.

Token trading + Assignment trading = Ecex.Exchange

Token trading participants are the first ones who can emit the first assignments and will trade them. We open trading for assignments the very same ecosystem there token trading occur today. This is the way we try to accustom the future assignment traders. Assignments trading is a very new idea and the trading instruments are new and in the start trading need lot of support and development not only from management side but from the custom side as well.

Tallinn 17th of September

Tõnis Hilep

CEO PlanetZiggurat OÜ


skype: tonis.hilep

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Ecex.Exchange about Naked tokens, new flashing stars in the crypto universe.

Ecex.Exchange väike logoStephen Hawking liked to talk to his students about big bang theory. This is an idea about starting the universe and about galaxies, how they expand, moved away from each other and what happened after the big bang. But in his mind, nothing was before the big bang and nobody talk about it or assume that might it be. As far as we concerned, events before the big bang can have no concequences.

But before blockchain was 3000 years, starting from the market in ancient Rome business as usual. There was paterfamilias, libre and mancipatio, legal entities and mutual agreements. And we all know how to operate this world.

After the blockchains related tokens presented, usual business start in some sense, in some areas or venues little bit crack.

There are several issues, but today I want to talk about Naked tokens. The name is my idea and it characterized very well widely released smart contracts without the team, company, token agreement, whitepaper, address, country and even developer.

We all know classic token ICO ordinance. We can monitor ICOs on several web services and make decisions relay on presented data. Everybody can check background, who team members are, call and write them, talk about the project on the forums and so on. After ICO most of the projects try to list on marketplaces and wide userbase can trade the tokens openly.

And yes there is another possibility to release tokens. The token is the only smart contract. In Ethereum Blockchain case we monitor token on the There is a number of tokens, decimals, and other significant info.

Naked token work with minimal info. Mostly the only number of tokens, the name of tokens, decimals. No links, no webpage address. And some cases there is the same name two or even three contract in same name and number of tokens.

Naked token open Twitter page, it is not rare when they buy some old Twitter feed with some 5000 followers. And of course webpage, there is no email address, team, country.

As we all know the most important document is the token contract, agreement, usage agreement…

This looks like tabu for several real token ICOs and Naked token people probably do not know that this token agreement is.

The first expression is that it cant be the legal business and there are no good possibilities to the Naked token to try to attract funds.

But developers (persons behind) Naked tokens try to list their tokens to the tokens exchanges. It means that they try to fund through the selling tokens on markets not using ICO ordinance.

Still. There might be teams, who release Naked token with good will. Maybe they learn during the process, they produce whitepaper, draft exceptional token agreement, present product, repair they links, find and collect exemplary social followers, list Naked tokens on the exchanges and will that way fund development.

The dilemma occurs then Naked token fill application for listing. It is impossible to predict who is who. One and the most important thing that asks from the Naked token is a key person full KYC process. The second thing is the price. The naked token has to pay for the higher risk. And third is the subjective assessment by the evaluator to a particular idea.

Let’s leave this market to decide what a good project is and what not. Projects, different tokens or coins listed can develop and succeed in time. If the project is poor then its price will fall and enterprise will end his existence. The laws of nature are also valid on the crypto world.

Tallinn 2nd of September

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Ecex.Exchange is open to anyone interested in the early stages of development, investors and partners welcome

Ecex.Exchange väike logoThere is always imaginations and visions which move our practice. Our original White paper is written form the assignment point of view, but on the way, we decided to make an adventure to Ethereum blockchain smart contract ecosystem.

Reason derives from our thoughts that cryptocurrency can be a big help to our customers and the assignment owners can use blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange to their needs. It is not a big secret, that cryptocurrencies have not a real outlet. Where are no enough places except exchanges where you can use crypto? So we try to solve problems for crypto as well.We are open to anyone interested in the early stages of listing or airdrop.

Our main incentive remains assignment exchange. Assignments possible turnover probably exceed crypto several times. And our emphasis remains on assignments.

But. But cryptocurrencies flourish at the moment and we develop our crypto section first.
Today we have already open several testing pairs (98) and Ecex.Exchange Ethereum turnover over 12-47eth per day. There are some 60 different tokens waiting for listing and airdrop on our Ecex.Exchange. Tokens used our ecosystem to make airdrop to our 58000 users/customers. We received a positive response from our social channels as Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. We are going to develop Ecex.Exchange to simple, transparent and secure exchange. Multinational as well. But everything takes time.

Our Ziggurat token is listed on ForkDelta, EtherDelta and Token.Store. We submitted applications on several exchanges and waiting responds. We remind our customers that every development and business that PlanetZiggurat OÜ plans are long-term and reasonable. Developers are not looking for quick profits and do not make any strides in their tokens in the short term. So, be patience.

During the next two months, we improve the Ecex.Exchange and start looking for bigger listing partners and we will try to find airdrop partners as well. (for some reason all love airdrops)

Ecex Exchange has made a strategic decision to integrate with Stellar blockchain. The first step will be for Ecex to list Lumen (XLM). This opens the door to the second step of all Stellar tokens and assets. We already have contacts from teams who are interested in listing and airdropping Stellar based tokens.
This will be the beginning of Ecex Exchange expanding from single blockchain assets to a multi-blockchain assets trading platform. Stellar is particularly interesting because of the financial targeting, speed, and low transaction costs. Also, its approach to solving real-life financial tasks such as bridging systems and multi-signatures. Handling different types of assets are especially important for business as Ecex Exchange develops.
PlanetZiggurat OÜ received two licenses for Ecex.Exchange platform:
FVR000341 Providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against fiat currency
FRK00281 Providing a virtual currency wallet services

We looking for fiat trading for institutional clients starting from 1st of October 2018.

Crypto world looking for solutions to use cryptocurrencies. There will be no easy and fast solutions and the market will be under the development next 20 or 200 years. But the market wants different opportunities. We need to develop and give the market what they want.

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Ecex Exchange and Stellar integration



Ecex Exchange has made a strategic decision to integrate with Stellar blockchain. The first step will be for Ecex to list Lumen (XLM). This opens the door to the second step of all Stellar tokens and assets. We already have contacts from teams

who are interested in listing and airdropping Stellar based tokens.

This will be the beginning of Ecex Exchange expanding from single blockchain assets to a multi-blockchain assets trading platform. Stellar is particularly interesting because of the financial targeting, speed, and low transaction costs. Also, its approach to solving real-life financial tasks such as bridging systems and multi-signatures. Handling different types of assets are especially important for business as Ecex Exchange develops.

Exact timeframe is not set, but we target to introduce new functionality for the end of August 2018.

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Ecex.Exchange Explained

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Ecex.Exchange , non-performing loans (NPLs), banks and how Ziggurat token will help.

1. Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform, NPSs, banks.

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 16.20.00Currently, world markets for distressed debt tend to be characterized by comparatively small trade volumes, a limited number of active investors and large bid-ask spreads. This might reflect various factors, such as significant differences in the required rates of return for banks and investors and in loan recovery expectations, and how servicing costs are taken into account. Ecex.Exchange understand how this market currently functions and gather information how could assist its further development. In particular, it is of interest to ascertain if there are specific the gap to fill that constrain the assignment of loans.(Ecex.Exchange expertise)

The lack of independent servicing capacity in some markets may hinder the development of liquid secondary markets for loans and especially distressed debt. That kind of independent services Ecex.Exchange exactly propose. Furthermore, when banks and credit companies assign defaulted loans, third-party servicers as Ecex.Exchange represents an alternative to manage those loans on behalf of investors, which usually do not have appropriate capacity to service NPLs.

2. Assignment of loans

Banks may assign performing or non-performing loans to outside investors in order to manage the composition of their balance sheet, their risks and to allow a potential business model re-orientation. Loan contracts can, in principle, be assigned from the originating creditor to a third-party investor under private law regimes. This is most often done via an assignment agreement with the new creditor, which takes over the original creditor’s rights and obligations.

Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform is meant exactly for that kind of business.Banks will introduce NPLs on our platform and potential assignees will obtain the rights trough assignment agreement.

Sales can contribute to strengthening banks’ balance sheets and their profitability in the medium to long-term, as the transferring bank would not incur the additional administrative expenses and potential additional losses related to the future management of the loans. In addition, removing NPLs from a bank’s balance sheet reduces the uncertainty around the bank’s asset quality and loan valuations, as uncertainty on possible future losses associated with the NPL portfolio disappears. In the short term, however, the assignment of NPLs might in some cases stress the bank’s capital position and raise concerns regarding the viability of the bank.

In some cases, assignee of NPL contracts, including non-banks, may be more effective in recovering value, in particular through the potential use of better management and servicing. Especially some smaller banks may lack the required in-house capacities and internal processes to manage large portfolios of non-performing loans. Moreover, banks and non-bank investors may face a different set of incentives and constraints when managing loans. Banks may be more reluctant to restructure loans to avoid moral hazard and so-called strategic defaults of existing borrowers.

Today an important aspect of the functioning of secondary markets for NPLs are the large bid-ask spreads. Ecex.Exchange will reduce spreads and it decreases uncertainties about future cash flows, information asymmetries between assignors and assignees and also first-mover disadvantages/ coordination challenges. Together, these factors may significantly constrain the price discovery process. Potential assignees tend not to have access to reliable, granular, readily available standardized information on asset quality and loan tapes in banks. As a consequence, potential assignees may in some cases offer a price that does not reflect the value of portfolios for sale, thus hindering potential transactions.However, Ecex.Exchange provides stock market like price possibilities and assignors and assignees will present thebest prices and wills and it is nature of the business that at some point prices are suitable for both parties.

3 .Ziggurat Tokens

Ziggurat tokens shall provide for the user, today’s case the banks, opportunities to sell and buy assignments (NPLs) for certain prices. There is the example:

All service fees are for Ziggurat Token holders payable with Ziggurat Tokens.

Let assume that assignment cost is 20 EUR. Ziggurat Tokens holder will pay 20 Ziggurats.

Let assume that guest service fee is 50 EUR.Ziggurat Tokens holder will pay 50 Ziggurats.

For paying for Exec.Exchange Trading Platform services Ziggurat Tokens can be used on exchange rate 1 ZIG = 1 USD (this rate only Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform if paying for services.).

We project our assignments amount several million, in the end, the third year. It gives great opportunity trade tokens in free marketplaces or uses them on Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.The Ziggurat Tokens will be an integral part of the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform as a means to support and pay for the services on the Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform.

General conditions

The Ecex.Exchange Platform is an online blockchain technology-based assignments (claim, receivables, factoring agreements, divestiture of claims etc.) exchange platform, which shall provide to the User: (i) opportunities to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and mediate insurance contracts, (ii) various support services related to the selling and buying through the exchange, and give users exercise right realize their own requirements regarding claims, (iii) opportunities to ensure the safety of assignments and using Ziggurat cryptocurrency for internal payments.

The PlanetZiggurat shall grant to the User an opportunity to use the Ziggurat digital tokens

(i)to opportunities to pay partly for service to sell and buy assignments, claims, receivables, and mediate insurance contracts,

(ii) to pay partly various support services related to the selling and buying through the exchange, and give users exercise right realize their own requirements regarding claims,

(iii) Ziggurat cryptocurrency grants the right to profit from up to 20% of Ecex.Exchange Trading Platform outcome, (distribution will be in cryptocurrency, in ethereum until otherwise decided),

(iv) using Ziggurat cryptocurrency for internal payments through the Ecex.Exchange Platform,

(v)Allow traders to settle Ziggurat tokens,

(vi)PlanetZiggurat will not emit additional tokens over initial amount 531 000 000,00 ZIG,

(vii) If some services in Ecex.Exhange or another platform will burn Ziggurat tokens then it is allowed to emit additional tokes to restore maximum emission amount,

(viii) Founders and Foundation will not sell Ziggurat tokens on public markets until the end of 2018.

Only the owner of the Ziggurat digital tokens may purchase with discounts the services of the Ecex.Exchange Platform.

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